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11 March 2011

Twinning College 2011: Perlis Darul Sunnah

On the 19th and 20th February of 2011, UTPRCSU went to Perlis for Twinning College
program. This time, we went to Universiti Malaysia Perlis, better known as UniMAP.

As we arrived there, we were greeted warmly by the Majlis Penghuni Kolej Kediaman
(MPKK). MPKK UniMAP is more or less like RCSU. They take care of the student’s
welfare and help the university management in terms of residential college. MPKK
UniMAP is lead by Syed Muhammad Nazir, the current YDP (president).

Some differences between UTPRCSU and MPKK UniMAP:
• Members selection are more on voluntary basis compared to selection through
• Each residential area (also known as ‘Village’ in UTP) has its own MPKK HQ /
student center
• MPKK UniMAP members are awarded with the ‘discount’ of the hostel's fee every semester
• Large amount of members due to wide area of residential village

Compared to the centralized village system in UTP, residential area for UniMAP students
are separated far from each other. They have 9 residential areas in total, named after
Malaysia great leaders and public figures, separated across the state of Perlis. So, their
tasks are quite challenging due to the separation of the residential area. During the
visit, we were located at the Kolej Kediaman F also known as Kolej Kediaman Tun
Ghafar Baba.

On the first night there, an opening ceremony was held. We were welcomed by En
Ismail bin Ibrahim, Penolong Pengetua Kolej Kediaman Tun Ghafar Baba. After the
ceremony, ice breaking and sharing session were conducted between UTPRCSU and

UTPRCSU President, Abdul Muizz with YDP MPKK UniMAP, Syed Muhammad Nazir

Representative Supervisor from UTP RC Management, Mr Anas Aswat with 
 Mr Ismail bin Ibrahim

On the second day, we took a tour around the hostel and the other 8 residential areas.
It was quite a challenge for UniMAP students to go class since they still doesn’t have
a centralized academic complex. Plus, time taken to go to class (by bus) from hostels
will take about 1 hour.

Finally, we were taken to the main campus. The main campus is still on construction,

but once it is finished, it will be the center for academic session in UniMAP. Up until
now, only two courses are conducted at the main campus.

UniMAP is a great place and the students there are very friendly. We would like to
thank all the members of MPKK UniMAP for a warm welcome towards us. We hope
that the bond created among UTPRCSU and MPKK UniMAP members during this visit will lasts forever. 

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