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25 November 2014


Assalamualaikum and Hi,
Thank you for supporting Residential College Support Unit(RCSU) and trusting us in handling students welfare. As RCSU members, we will always try our best to ease the students in handling the problem regarding their village.

Due to that, we would like to seek for ur help to spare some time in filling this survey.


Thank you.

23 November 2014

Fire Drill

Assalamualaikum and hi,
On 21st November 2014, UTP HSE Department in col Residential Village has conducted a fire drill in Village 4. This is in order to increase the awareness among students about the safety in their respective village.Thank you to all students that give full cooperation during the fire drill was conducted.  

19 November 2014

Shoe Rack & Cloth Hanger Installation

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
To those who are staying at V5 please take note that installation of shoe racks and cloth hangers are in progress at all V5 blocks.
The installation process starts from female blocks and it will be supervised by the V5 supervisors.
For the additional precaution, please keep all your belongings in your rooms.

Nasrul Haziq bin Che Aslan
Residential College Support Unit

Community Message : Cheer Them Up

16 November 2014

Online Defect Form

Your room or block has problem and you are too busy to go to the RV’s office to report, or the problem is too complicated to explain or write. Don’t worry here we got solution for you

ONLINE DEFECT FORM is available on our blog :


1) Now you can remotely report any defect;
2) You can report at an time (24/7);
3) You can also UPLOAD PICTURE as reference of the problem
4) You problem can be solved in within 3 working days

Please follow the step stated in Flowchart below to report the defect in your respective village. Your report will be channelled directly to the respective Village Supervisor.


Aliaa Athirah
Welfare Department,

08 November 2014

Residential College Mesra Outreach - The Best Epilogue Ever

Assalamualaikum n hi,
On 24th to 26th October 2014, Residential College Mesra Outreach XIII (RECMO XIII), a RCSU event has been organized at Kg. Nelayan Kuala Kurau, Kerian Perak. RECMO is a CSR event where UTP students can contribute to the community. By adapting "Keluarga Angkat" approach, the students will be divided to live together with their foster family. By that, they will learn the culture of the village. By a theme "Menabur Budi, Menyemai Kasih", RECMO XIII was successfully organized. Alhamdulillah.