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30 September 2015

New Refrigerators

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Dear students,
Please be informed that the old refrigerators will be change to a new one. Therefore, a vendor will supply and deliver it to Village 3, Village 4 and Village 5 on 30th September - 2nd October 2015.
We seek your kind cooperation to remove all foodstuff inside old refrigerators as the vendor will dispose it as soon as possible.

It is advisable to use the new refrigerators a few hours after it had been installed. Besides, food remains germ-free and fresh when stored in tightly sealed container. Together we keep the cleanliness.

Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience.

28 September 2015

RCSU 2015/2016 Recruitment: Application is now opened!

Assalamualaikum and hi,
  • Want to develop your soft skills?
  • Have a great determination in handling welfare of the students?
  • Called to contribute towards the society?
  • Interested to become our Ohana and wondering what is it?

So let's join us. Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) has opened the recruitment for the new members. We are welcoming all May 14 and March 15 students to submit your application.

  • Enhance your leadership skill for your profession requirement.
  • Boost up your confidence level in persuading the people around.
  • Develop your critical thinking in handling the issues arose.
  • Work as a team and feel the strong bond in the organization.
  • Release work stress with many exciting internal activities.
  •  and many more!!
Submit your application now!
Click the document below:
  1. Form A (Online Submission)
  2. Form B (Manual Submission)
  3. Application Guideline  
p/s: Please refer the application guideline for any inquiry.
See you during the recruitment. We really seek for the best player for the organization. Let's become our ohana!!

"Ohana means family and in family, nobody will be left behind"

A few gifts for you:

26 September 2015

Key Holder

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

If you have lost/misplaced your room key, please reach the Residential Hotline Service first. However, if the problem persists, you can contact the person-in-charge below for each respective village

Thank you.

23 September 2015

Residential Hotline Service

Assalamualaikum and hi,
Warmest greetings everyone,
Got problems that related to your villages? Or are you in need of advice and consultation from someone that you can rely on? With a tagline of '' We Listen, We Care '', RV management and Fellow council have now come with an effective medium for all of the students to reach them to lend their ears and to spend their time for you, which is Residential Hotline Service.
You can use this service according to your respective villages during this operating hour only:
Monday - Friday : 6.00pm -11.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & public holiday : 8.00am - 10pm
There will be RV and fellow who will be in charge for respective day to entertain students and also to take care of the students welfare.
To use this hotline service, you are reminded to call them through the stated numbers for respective villages instead of reaching them through the personal numbers of RV and fellows. Thus, if you have any problems, kindly please use the hotline first before contacting any RCSU members .
We hope that by the existence of Residential Hotline Service, the students welfare can be taken care of better than before.
Kindly refer to the attached photos for further details.
Please spread the good news and have a nice day ahead!
Thank you.

17 September 2015

Opening Storeroom For Students From Semester Break and Internship.

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
RCSU will open storeroom for students coming back from semester break and internship to collect back their belongings. The details are as follows :
You may ask your friend to collect your stuff if you're not available at that time.

16 September 2015

Schedule for Cafeteria Leave (16th Sep - 30th Sep 2015)

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
Good day everyone,
Attached here is Schedule for Cafeteria leave from 16 September - 30 September 2015. Do spread this to all your friends.
Thank you.

13 September 2015

Current Issue on PRISM (System Failure)

Salam and Hi.

Online room registration already open. Student should log into PRISM and do the registration. We already noted that a lots of student are facing problem with the registration such us run time error, can not login into prism, etc. We have contact ITMS department and they are currently doing their best in solving all those issues. Please be patient guys.
If you forget your PRISM password or have any question on PRISM system you may contact ITMS to get clarification and help through this number: +605 368 888 or refer to this websitehttp://itservicedesk.utp.edu.my/ Thank you.
Muhammad Hafiz Hadi Bin Sumardi,
President Residential College Support Unit

02 September 2015

List of Occupied Room for September 2015 Semester & Foundation Students for Moving to V3

Salam and Hi. 
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the feedback in the previous post. Here is the outcome from the second meeting with RV. We hope all of you understand the situation and can give cooperation to avoid worst situation from happening.
1) Manual registration is not opened to students due to procedures and line of authorities that must be followed by Residential Management in Universiti Teknologi Petronas.
2) We have compiled all the Occupied Room for September 2015 semester. For students who will be active on September 2015 semester, you are advice to register in your current room. To other students, you are advice to register in unoccupied room so the previous owner can register in the same room.We provide this list as guideline for you to know the rooms availability.
3) RV still want student to vacate the room during semester break. This is because majority of the rooms might be used by outsiders due to event that will be held during the semester break. To ease the burden, we RCSU request so that student are allowed to put their belonging in the wardrobe and lock it. RV allow student to use the wardrobe as a temporary store but any item left outside of the wardrobe will be removed by the cleaner.
We have try our best and this is what we can achieve after negotiation with RV. We apologize for all inconvenience caused. Do spread the news to everyone. Thank you.

Muhammad Hafiz Hadi Bin Sumardi,
President Residential College Support Unit
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